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Artist + Dreamer + Lover of all things whimsical, eclectic and cat!

I was a daughter, a wife and a mother. I still am all of those and very thankful for it but recently I've added another identity to myself, that of an Artist. I have been making some form of art since childhood but only recently started spending more time and energy on my artistic side. Although I enjoyed and received many felicitations for art in my school years I did not pursue it for my higher education. Happily for me I still have time left to indulge in my love of art.

I mainly work in acrylic mediums using brushes or pens. The principle theme of my art is life in all its splendor. My goal as an artist is to showcase all that is good and beautiful in the world and to encourage a closer examination of ordinary or extraordinary things by representing them in exaggerated mediums of color and light. While my art projects may vary in medium and color, I find myself repeatedly drawn to mythological figures and how they influence our thoughts.

My aim is to make you one with my painting, be it in a meadow dancing with animals and birds or with the gods while they shake the worlds with their thunder and grace.
Painting is a form of meditation for me , it brings me inner peace and balance. I hope to imbue my paintings with the gratitude I feel for this beautiful world around me.

I live, laugh and paint in the wonderful city of mountains and skyscrapers Hong Kong with my husband, 2 suspiciously well behaved kids, our cat and dog ( who is a good boy! )


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Hong Kong   +852 94958884

Singapore    +65 90888425

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